West Los Angeles Branch

Sensei Takashi Hasegawa

Sensei Takashi Hasegawa is a 4th degree black belt with more than 32 years of experience in Kyokushin Karate. He has trained in Kyokushin's Headquarters and the Tochinan Branch, as well as in the Burbank branch in California, USA.

Sensei Hasegawa was born in 1967 in Musashiurawa, Japan. His martial arts training began at the age of nine, when he started learning Kendo. After six years of Kendo study, he became interested in Kyokushin after seeing their rigorous training methods. Before long he realized that he was falling in love with Kyokushin Karate. As a result, in 1982, he began his Kyokushin career, which lasted til this day.

Sensei Hasegawa also studied Juki-Kenpo while attending Wako University in Japan, in which he has earned a black belt. He came to Los Angeles in 1989 and continued his Kyokushin Karate training in the Burbank branch, under the North Los Angeles Branch Chief Shihan Brian Bastien.

Sensei Hasegawa now devotes his life to training his students and has been contributing to the spread of Kyokushin Karate as the Head Instructor of the West Los Angeles Dojo.