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List of Techniques

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This is a list of the techniques, practiced in Kyokushin kaikan.

Dachi (stances)

  • Heiko dachi (parallel open stance)
  • Haisoku dachi (closed feet stance)
  • Kakeashi dachi (hooked stance)
  • Kamae dachi (fighting stance)
  • Kiba dachi (riding stance)
  • Kokutsu dachi (backward leaning stance)
  • Moroashi dachi (two foot stance)
  • Musubi dachi (open feet stance)
  • Nekoashi dachi (cat stance)
  • Shiko dachi (sumo stance)
  • Shizen dachi (natural stance)
  • Sanchin dachi (hourglass stance/three wars stance)
  • Tsuruashi dachi (crane stance)
  • Uchihachiji dachi (pigeon toe stance/inside eight character stance)
  • Yoi dachi (ready stance)
  • Zenkutsu dachi (front bent leg stance/forward leaning stance)

Tsuki (strikes)

  • Jun tsuki (strike straight off shoulder)
  • Morote tsuki (punch with both hands)
  • Ago uchi (chin strike.Jab)
  • Gyaku tsuki (reverse lunge punch. Cross punch)
  • Kagi tsuki (rip to pit of stomach. Hook punch to body)
  • Oi tsuki (lunge punch)
  • Shita tsuki (uppercut to the body)
  • Age tsuki (uppercut to the head)
  • Mawashi uchi (Hook punch)
  • Tate tsuki (vertical fist punch)
  • Age hiji ate (rising elbow strike)
  • Hiji ate (elbow strike)
  • Mae hiji ate (front elbow strike)
  • Oroshi hiji ate (downwards elbow strike)
  • Ushiro hiji ate (backwards elbow strike)
  • Uraken ganmen uchi (backfist strike to front)
  • Uraken hizo uchi (backfist strike to spleen)
  • Uraken mawashi uchi (backfist circular strike to the head)
  • Uraken oroshi ganmen uchi (backfist downwards strike)
  • Uraken sayu ganmen uchi (backfist strike to side)
  • Uraken shomen uchi (backfist strike to the face)
  • Shuto hizo uchi (knife-hand strike to spleen)
  • Shuto jodan uchi uchi (inside knife-hand to neck)
  • Shuto sakotsu uchi (knife-hand strike to clavicle)
  • Shuto sakotsu uchikomi (driving knife-hand to sternum)
  • Shuto yoko ganmen uchi (knife-hand strike to head)
  • Tettsui hizo uchi (bottom fist strike to spleen)
  • Tettsui komekami (bottom fist strike to head)
  • Tettsui oroshi ganmen uchi (bottom fist strike downwards to head)
  • Tettsui yoko uchi (bottom fist strike to side)
  • Ippon nukite (single finger spearhand strike)(Thumb reinforces index finger)
  • Nihon nukite (two finger spearhand strike)
  • Yohon nukite (four finger spearhand strike)

Geri (kicks)

  • Age kakato ushiro geri (rising heel backwards kick)
  • Ago jodan geri (high kick to chin)
  • Mae Hiza geri (front knee kick)
  • Hiza ganmen geri (upward knee kick to face)
  • Mawashi hiza geri (circular knee kick)
  • Jodan uchi haisoku geri
  • Kakato geri (heel kick)
  • Kake geri (hooking kick)
  • Kansetsu geri (joint kick)
  • Kin geri (snap kick to groin)
  • Mae geri (front kick)
  • Mawashi geri (roundhouse kick)
  • Oroshi soto kakato geri (downwards outside heel kick
  • Oroshi uchi kakato geri (downwards inside heel kick)
  • Ushiro geri (backwards kick)
  • Ushiro mawashi geri (reverse roundhouse kick)
  • Yoko geri (side kick)
  • Tobi mae geri (jumping front kick)
  • Tobi mawashi geri (jumping roundhouse kick)
  • Tobi nidan geri (jumping double kick)
  • Tobi ushiro geri (jumping backwards kick)
  • Tobi yoko geri (jumping side kick)
  • Tobi kake geri (jumping reverse kick)
  • Tobi hiza geri (jumping knee kick)
  • Mae keage (front stretch kick)
  • Uchi mawashi keage (inside roundhouse stretch kick)
  • Soto mawashi keage (outside roundhouse stretch kick)
  • Yoko keage (side stretch kick)

Uke (blocks)

  • Chudan soto uke (middle outside block)
  • Chudan uchi uke (middle inside block)
  • Gedan barai (low sweep block)
  • Haito uchi uke (inner block with reverse knife-hand)
  • Jodan uke (upper block)
  • Koken uke (block with wrist top)
  • Mae gedan barai (low sweep block)
  • Mawashi uke (roundhouse block with palm heel)
  • Morote chudan uchi uke (middle inside block with both hands)
  • Osae uke (press down block)
  • Shuto mawashi uke (roundhouse block with knife-hand)

Ashi Uke (leg blocks)

Note. Except for Mae sune uke, these are usually practiced unnamed.

  • Mae Sune Uke (Front shin block)
  • Sune Naka Uke (outward shin block)
  • Sune Soto Uke (inward shin block)
  • Mae Hiza Uke (front knee block)
  • Hiza Naka Uke(outward knee block)
  • Hiza Soto Uke (inward knee block)
  • Mae Kaji Uke (front upper-leg block)
  • Kaji Naka Uke (outward upper-leg block)
  • Kaji Soto Uke (inward upper-leg block)
  • Teisoku Soto Mawashi Uke (inside roundhouse foot block)
  • Heisoku Uchi Mawashi Uke (outside roundhouse foot block)
  • Kakato Mae Ashi Uke (Heel frontkick block)
  • Mae Geri Ashi Dome (front stop kick)
  • Yoko Geri Ashi Dome (side stop kick)
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