West Los Angeles Branch

18th LA Freshman Kyokushin Tournament Results

OSU! This was definitely a day to celebrate. West LA Dojo placed 1st in all 3 weight categories!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Special Thanks to Sensei Taku Nakasaka and LA Dojo for hosting this tournament! OSU!

Without a doubt, this victory is owed to hard work and dedication of the Head Instructor of the West LA Dojo, Sensei Takashi Hasegawa. OSU!

Thank you to all the members, parents, friends, and everyone who came to support the fighters!!! Your good energy was much needed and felt by the fighters!!! OSU!

Here are the results of the tournament:

  1st 2nd 3rd  
Men's Light-Middle Hajime Koshu (WLA) Sean Kubota (Torrance) Jerry Linares (LA)
Men's Heavy Open Erick Torossian (WLA) Seiichiro Fujimoto (LA) Shan He (LA)
Women's Open Akiko Cruz (WLA) Greer Murphy (Burbank) N/A

Remember, Kyokushin is about the search for the ultimate truth within yourself. When you put your heart into it and give it a 105%, regardless of the place you took, you have succeeded and therefore you are also a WINNER!!! Osu!