West Los Angeles Branch

Senpai Kohtaro Zushi

Kohtaro Zushi was born in Miyazaki, Japan in 1984. He started Kyokushin Karate when he was age of ten at his neighborhood, Miyazaki Honbu Dojo in Japan. He was taught mostly by his Sensei, Takemori Uchiyama who used be a student of Makoto Nakamura. His father was also an old friend of Sensei, Uchiyama from grade school. By the age of his sixteen, he won several tittles in competitions, including first and third places in Miyazaki and in Kyushu competitions. He came to Los Angeles, when he was twenty-one by himself. He fought in several competitions including Weight Category in LA, and won couple of prizes in Los Angles competitions. He is also studying to be a stage actor at California State University, Northridge. He is expected to graduate CSUN by the spring semester in 2009. He has worked in many stage plays as an actor in both CSUN and theatre productions outside of school. He currently resides in LA.