West Los Angeles Branch

Senpai Chaz Guest

Chaz Guest is a 1st degree black belt ,earning his first Shodan under the training of One of Kyokushin original Honbu instructors , Shihan Nobuyuki Kishi from 1990 to 1996. Kishi Karate located at the time in New York City, introduced Chaz to the world of Kyokushin Karate. After Shihan Kishis departure, returning to rural Yamagata Japan, Chaz was forced to search for a new life in Kyokushin. Soon finding the Dojo run by Shihan,Katsuhito Gorai.

Living the life of a fine Artist/Painter in N.Y.C. had it challenges for Chaz, and soon led him to seek better ground in Los Angeles. Soon affiliating himself with the Kyokushin dojo in little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles with long time friend Joji Hibino. It was with Hibino senpai that Chaz started his life again in Kyokushin. Training with his son Zuhri under Sensei Hasegawa and Burbank Branch chief, Shihan Bastien, which is where his second Shodan (Black Belt) was achieved in 2006.

Never having the experience of Tournament fighting, Chaz took on the experience with great eagerness. Starting in tournaments held in Little Tokyo. Ranging between taking second and third places until undergoing rigorous training for the U.S Weight Category Karate Championships held at the Japan Theater in 2006. Chaz became the champion in his category. Chaz now devotes his life to seeing his son through his Karate life and assist in the West L.A dojo. To find out more on his Artistic life, please go to CHAZGUEST.COM.